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"The Bible" Miniseries Clip Showing in Times Square for Christmas

The World Evangelical Alliance is showing an advertisement in Times Square featuring a clip of the upcoming miniseries The Bible. The Christian Post reports that the clip shows the Nativity sequence from the film and, according to Dr. Geoff Tunnicliffe of the WEA, is meant to “share the love and hope of the Christmas message” and “put Christ back into Christmas.”

“Christmas has become so commercialized that we wanted to get out the message that Christ is the center of this celebration for Christians around the world,” said Tunnicliffe. “The clip is beautiful … (it’s) a powerful visual reminder of the coming of Christ at Christmas and an alert to the upcoming TV series.”

Emmy-winning producer Mark Burnett and his wife, Touched by an Angel‘s Roma Downey, are in final editing for the highly anticipated epic miniseries, which will cover 10 hours and retell Scripture from the story of Noah to the resurrection of Christ. The series will begin March 3 on the History Channel and run through Easter Sunday. Download a free video Nativity clip from the series at Outreach.com.

The advertisement stands in stark contrast to the ad currently appearing in Times Square from the Atheist Association encouraging viewers to “Keep the merry, dump the myth” of the Christmas season.