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Build Your Platform This Year: Check These 7 Steps

During this transition time into 2013, you have a great time to slow down and re-think what you’re doing to share your message and ideas with the world.

If you’re a writer, producer, filmmaker, artist, pastor, business or nonprofit leader, politician or whatever—take a few minutes right now to think about how you’re connecting with your social media followers, donors, general public and customers.

Here’s a few good places to start:

1. Begin with social media.

What are you sharing? Is it content that’s interesting, creative and helpful to your followers?

There are many techniques to help you jack up your followers with people who don’t really care about you. But I prefer the old-fashioned way—saying something interesting enough that people want to share. Focus on your One Big Thing, and be the authority in that subject.

I’d rather have 1,000 followers who were really interested in my message, then 10,000 who could care less. In 2013, focus on building a tribe that will help you make an impact.

2. Check your online press information.

Make sure it’s easy to find your bio, photo and contact info. The news media can’t ask for an interview if they can’t get in touch with you.

Make it easier for the media (and potential speaking opportunities) to know your area of expertise, who you are and how to connect with your office.

3. Graphic backgrounds for Twitter and Facebook.

You may not even be aware you can customize the backgrounds for your social media pages. Check out mine at @philcooke on Twitter.com and my page at Facebook. It’s a fantastic opportunity for promotion you may be wasting.

4. Take some time to really understand how Twitter and Facebook work.

FB’s Timeline is tricky for many people, so get comfortable with the format and how it works. You can’t maximize what you don’t understand.

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Phil Cooke is the founder and CEO of Cooke Media Group in Los Angeles (CookeMediaGroup.com) where his team helps church, ministry, and nonprofit organizations engage the culture more effectively through media. He's a filmmaker, media consultant, and author of "Unique: Telling Your Story in the Age of Brands and Social Media."