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Pastors: Neglect These 3 Areas at Your Own Peril

3. Lack of spiritual attention to his own’s soul.  

Pastors spend so much time having to study for that next sermon, or Bible study.  

There is that devotion you must write for the church newsletter, or an article for some journal. So much of our study and reading time is spent on the tasks of our calling.  Obviously, sermon preparation and thinking through a theological implication for this counseling situation is spiritually fruitful and feeds our souls with the word.

However, I have found there is a need to carve time out where my reading of books and studying of God’s word is done solely to focus on my own soul.  

Not a sermon.  

Not a teaching.  

Not a counseling matter.  

We need to make sure we are not just praying for our flock, but a focused time is spent praying for the sake of our own soul.

Because so much of what we do revolves around prayer and the ministry of the word, it is an easy trap to slide into where all we do is prepare to feed others. Make sure there is a book you are reading, a Psalm you read in the mornings, or a time of prayer in your day that has nothing to do with anything else, except feeding your own soul and communing with Christ.

I am on vacation this week trying to honor my word to use all my vacation time, so I intend to give special attention to all 3 of these areas. Honestly assess whether you are neglectful in any of these 3 areas and make appropriate adjustments.  

Establish new habits. Consistent faithfulness in these areas will be essential to your longevity in ministry.  

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Brian Croft is senior pastor of Auburndale Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky. He is also the author of "Visit the Sick: Ministering God’s Grace in Times of Illness (foreword by Mark Dever) and "Test, Train, Affirm, and Send Into Ministry: Recovering the Local Church’s Responsibility to the External Call" (foreword by R. Albert Mohler Jr.). Brian blogs regularly at Practical Shepherding.