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More Than 3,000 Accept Bible Reading Challenge at NJ Megachurch

As reported by The Christian Post, a New Jersey megachurch has issued a challenge to its members to read the New Testament in 40 days, and more than 3,300 people (children to seniors) accepted. Liquid Church pastor Tim Lucas said he was “surprised” by the number of people who wanted to participate.

Leaders of the church have made the Scripture available to their members in audio, digital and print formats, indicating that in order to achieve the 40-day timeframe participants would have to listen to the audio version for 28 minutes a day. The church also trained more than 300 leaders to host or facilitate new small groups, including online ones. Church officials estimate that 66,000 hours of Bible reading will occur because of the challenge.

Lucas said in a statement, “Although the media often highlights how irrelevant the Bible seems to modern culture, there is a growing hunger among the next generation to open the Scriptures and see what God’s Word says for themselves.”

“So much of our faith today has been reduced to bumper stickers and bracelet slogans,” said Lucas. “But God’s message of love and hope is profoundly personal, and our people are hungry to experience it first-hand. It just goes to show you, when God shows up, things heat up.”