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10 Compelling Reasons NOT to Resign

3. If you walk away, the bullies win, they are empowered, and they will try to control the next pastor.

The pastor who follows you will wish for all the world that you had cleaned out that nest of vipers before leaving. As it was, he will feel you took the easy way out, turned over the keys to the trouble-makers, and made sure the next preacher would have to deal with them all over again.

I know, I know — it doesn’t feel that way. You are at your wit’s end and feel you cannot take it any more. But you can.

Stay with the assignment the Lord gave you. Love those bullies and minister to them as faithfully as you do the precious saints. Follow the blueprint of Luke 6:27-35.  You will puzzle the troublemakers, frustrate the devil, and honor your Lord. Furthermore, you will strengthen your church and give your people a picture of a blessed servant of the Lord for all time.

4. You have a family to support.

As the head of your household, you are charged with providing for your own, a serious assignment from the Lord. To walk away from a steady paycheck because you “couldn’t take it any more” reflects poorly on you and puts your loved ones in a difficult situation.

Now, it’s possible to go too far in the other extreme. I’ve seen pastors cave in to the bullies and not challenge them on anything — ”I go along to get along,” one said — in order to keep their job. Do that and you soon lose the respect of everyone including those nearest and dearest to you, and will become the lapdog of the church-rulers.

Each extreme is unwise — caving in or abruptly walking away.

Stay close to the Lord for His guidance, His wisdom and the kind of self-control only He gives.

5. If you walk away, your ministry will be changed forever — and possibly diminished.

What do you suppose a pastor search committee is going to think when they look at your resume? May I answer that for you?

  • “If this guy is so good, why is he without a job now?”
  • “If he could not get along with the strong leaders in his last church, he’ll have trouble in our church too.”
  • “Let’s not take the chance. Let’s see who else is available without all this baggage.”

And you are history. Believe me, pastor, I have been on the receiving end of this stuff and have the scars to prove it.

You are seriously handicapping your future service to the Lord by quitting and walking away.

In the Southern Baptist Convention — always my frame of reference — if you walk away from your present church, it will take from six months to a year before you get another church, and that one will be a third to one-half the size of the present one. You will regress in your ministry in a hundred ways if you walk away.