Tim Tebow Cancels Appearance at Controversial Pastor's Church

Popular NFL quarterback Tim Tebow will not appear as scheduled at First Baptist Church near Dallas on April 28 in celebration of the completion of their building program. Robert Jeffress, the pastor of the 11,000-member church, has long been outspoken against homosexuality, Islam, Judaism, Catholism and Mormonism. According to CNN, Tebow called Jeffress and told him he was “steering clear of controversy because of some things going on in his personal life and his career.”

Jeffress said that Tebow is a member of the First Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida. “They certainly believe what we do, that salvation is through Christ alone, and about homosexuality.  Tim confirmed that to me last night, that they believe exactly what we do about homosexuality,” even thought Tebow and Jeffress differ dramatically in how they present their faith.  

“I think Tim is going to discover that no matter how hard you try to hide from controversy, if you stand for the simple truths of the Bible, like faith in Christ, necessary for salvation, and sex (being acceptable only) between a man and a woman in marriage, you can’t avoid controversy,” Jeffress told CNN. “That’s something Tim needs to discover on his own.  We in no way want to impugn him.  He’s a great man of God who sincerely loves the Lord.”

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