Pat Robertson: "God Will Supply A Million Dollars" to One of His Viewers

Televangelist Pat Robertson said this past week that someone in his 700 Club audience praying for a million dollars will receive it from the Lord. According to The Christian Post, Robertson, a conservative political commentator and charismatic preacher, prayed during the broadcast that “God is going to supply a million dollars. Somebody is praying right now, right this second you’re praying for a million dollars … God has said I have heard your prayer, I know your need and I’m going to supply the need that you’ve requested. It’s done, in Jesus’ name.”

The prayer came after Robertson told another viewer that the clothes she bought at a local Goodwill store may have attached demons and that she should pray over the clothing to exorcise them.

Robertson is noted for his controversial spiritual comments, and this particular prediction smacks firmly of the prosperity gospel, in which believers expect God to provide for their financial gain. Robertson also drew criticism earlier this year for allegedly saying women who do not keep themselves pretty are the cause of marriage problems. He received even more criticism late last year when he said on his program that the existence of dinosaurs proves the earth is more than 6,000 years old.

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