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The 5 Most POWERFUL Ways to Lead

All great leaders are great learners. But, sometimes, we overcomplicate that process and leave behind the most foundational elements that make a great leader … great.

I’ve found that a check of the basics is always a good place to start. If we have strong basics in place, it’s much more difficult to fall off as we move ahead.

Here are five basic, but powerful, ways to lead …

1. Godly.

When we lead in a godly manner, we lead with a heart that is more concerned with empowerment and encouragement than self-promotion. I have to constantly remind myself of Jesus’ words, “The least among you will be the greatest.”

2. Simply.

We overcomplicate things waaay too much! We may want to impress others, or maybe we just think we’ve “progressed” past simplicity. Whatever our reason, sometimes we just need to get back to simple. Sometimes I have to remind myself, “Keep it simple stupid!”

3. Timely.

You can have the greatest plan and vision in the world, and not lead in a timely manner and kill a great vision and team. When you know, go … but don’t go until you know. Time matters.

4. Actively.

There can be no “absentee owner” of a vision. You can have other people leading areas of your church or organization … you need those people, but you have to be actively involved too. People will only follow you if they see you. Be active.

5. Lovingly.

“The Greatest of these is Love.” Not your vision, not your talents or treasures, but your ability and true desire to love those you lead is the single greatest barometer of your future success. If you cannot love, you cannot lead. Sure you may get somewhere, but you are standing on shaky ground. Love — Lead … in that order.

What would you add?  

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