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3 Surprising Reasons Churches DON’T Grow

Jesus is quite clear here: The Word is going to have a different effect upon the hearts of different hearers.

Some will have the Word more or less bounce off their hardened hearts. Others will receive it with joy, but this joy will be fleeting. Others will be ultimately indifferent, focusing only on the cares of this world.

And some will receive it and bear good fruit “with patience.”

Here’s the point: You have no control over the soil conditions.

You are to sow the seed of the Word and trust that as many as have been appointed to eternal life will believe (Acts 13:48). And that’s the limit of what you can do.

2. It could be God being very merciful to you.

Our church has experienced rather explosive growth over the last several years—and it’s put us in a bit of an awkward situation.

We’re currently renting the largest high school in the city, and once we max it out (again), we’re stuck until we can get into a permanent facility. Our church’s leadership has done a wonderful job modeling restraint and prayerful decision making in the midst of a great deal of pressure (both internal and external) to build a permanent facility.

A permanent facility is in the works, but timing and resources are huge factors to always have front-of-mind, which is why I’m so thankful for their leadership on this.

But depending on your circumstances, a lack of numerical growth may be evidence of God’s mercy upon your church.