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What Is a HEALTHY Church?

A healthy church culture …

Doesn’t mean there aren’t bad days.

Doesn’t mean you won’t have tension or stress.

Doesn’t mean everyone always agrees.

Doesn’t mean there aren’t relationship struggles.

Doesn’t mean you have all the answers.

Doesn’t mean the pastor is always right.

Doesn’t mean problems or issues are ignored.

A healthy church culture …

Does mean you can disagree and still be friends.

Does mean tension is used to build teamwork … when one is weak, another is strong.

Does mean meetings are productive and purposeful … not ritualistic or boring, and certainly not hurtful.

Does mean rules add healthy boundaries rather than stifling creativity or controlling actions.

Does mean you work as a team to find solutions.

Does mean the pastor (and his family) is never attacked publicly or continually stabbed in the back.

Does mean the rumor mill is never allowed to form the dominant opinion.

I’m praying for my new pastor friend that he finds a healthy church in which to serve out his calling. They do exist.

Have you been in an unhealthy church or organizational environment?

Have you been in a healthy one?

What do you think it means to have a healthy church?  

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