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How Much Should a Church Depend Upon One Pastor?

Almost 10 years later, the balance of this motto has been shown to bear much fruit.

Yesterday was my first Sunday back after being in Zambia for two weeks. I observed two important things upon my return:

1. The church not only was cared for very well in my absence, but it was amazing the amount of visitors who had come while I was gone and had come back. 

The church never missed a beat in my absence.

2. I felt missed. I saw it in the eyes of so many as they spoke their kind words that they genuinely missed me while I was gone and was glad I was back. 

For both of these reasons, yesterday was a huge encouragement to my soul.

I began applying this motto at the very beginning of my pastorate at Auburndale, but it is never too late to begin this work where you are.

Empower biblically qualified people to do the work with you. 

Share the responsiblity, authority and equipping of your people and the ministry you do. I am confident that you will not only see God work in more fruitful, healthy ways, but you will be more “appreciated” by your people for it.