John Piper Praises Rap Song Condemning the Prosperity Gospel

According to The Christian Postretired Bethlehem Baptist Church pastor John Piper had high praises for Christian rap artist Shai Linne and his recent controversial single, “Fal$e Teacher$.” The song harshly criticizes specific preachers of the “prosperity gospel,” including some well-known pastors such as T.D. Jakes, Kenneth Copeland, Joyce Meyer and Joel Osteen. Piper tweeted a link to the online video of the song while commenting, “My, my Shai, this is good.” 

Linne told CP that he was inspired to write the song after he heard from his fans in Africa saying how popular the prosperity gospel is there. “You have these rallies where literally over 100,000 people will come to hear these guys talk about prosperity,” explained Linne in a radio interview. “The people who are coming are impoverished like crazy and they’re buying into it thinking that this false theology is going to be their way out of poverty. They figure, ‘Hey, it must work because it’s working for these guys in America.'”

The song is off Linne’s upcoming album, Lyrical Theology Part I. Watch a video of Linne explaining his heart for the song here.

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