Explosions Near Boston Marathon Finish Kill At Least 2, Injure Many

Boston police have confirmed that two are dead and at least 140 injured after two explosions, one about 20 seconds after the other, rocked the finish of the Boston Marathon at around 3:00 PM local time Monday. Photos and video from the scene show the area engulfed in white smoke and screaming participants and spectators. A third device was found near the finish line and was set off by controlled detonation by the police.

NBC News reported that windows of nearby buildings had been blown out and people had been knocked down by the blasts. The Boston Globe reported people, some bloodied and missing limbs, being carried off on stretchers. Runners who had not yet finished the race were diverted down side streets away from the blast area. The New York Police Department increased security around major city landmarks, as did Washington D.C. law enforcement. One of the two dead was confirmed to be an 8-year-old boy. An investigation involving federal, state and local authorities is continuing.

The Boston marathon has been run since 1897 drawing an estimated half-million spectators every year with the largest crowds near the finish. This year over 27,000 runners competed representing 96 countries.

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