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How Great Leaders Handle Being Misunderstood

3. Because Relationships Are More Important Than Rights. 

Whether it is your family, neighbors, friends, or customers, the best leaders know it is far more important to maintain the relationship than it is to prove you are right. Always choose people.

4. Because Nobody Truly Wins In An Argument. 

I learned early in my marriage that because of my pragmatism, communicative skills and sheer force of personality, I could “win” most any argument with my wife. I may have won the argument, but then lost the relationship for several days. I have seen many people win arguments, but lose friendships or client relationships. Always choose people.

5. Because I Want To Live A Life Of No Regrets. 

I have often made the mistake of embarrassing people or “putting them in their place.” I’ll admit now what I’ve never admitted publicly. I did not sleep well that evening. I tossed and turned all night. I tried to justify it as a hard leadership decision or having to have a “hard conversation.” But I know what I did. I let someone have it who “deserved it.” No they didn’t. I was wrong and apologized the next day. I still lost respect. I still lost influence. Always choose people.

I went to work for Injoy Stewardship Solutions because Dr. John Maxwell was my spiritual hero. Over 10 years later, he still is. Part of the reason is because he always took the high road. He always chose people.

Simple question — As a leader, when you are misunderstood or talked badly about, do you always choose people or do you take a counterfeit response?