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10 Things You Might Not Know Your Pastor Thinks

1. Is this really God’s idea or is this something I came up with?

2. Do these people really like me?

3. Does God really like me?

4. Oh no, I’m not as good as Pastor _____ and our church is definitely not as good as _____.

5. I wonder how many people will show up today. What if no one shows up? There are so many reasons why people should stop coming here.

6. Am I really cut out for this? Or am I just making most of it up? Will I last?

7. Will they forget this sermon? Is anyone’s life actually being changed?

8. Was that God’s voice or me thinking out loud? I wish I could know 100 percent that God was behind this idea.

9. God, I’m so tired and I feel like I want to just quit.

10. I’m not alright. I’m broken inside.

“But Sammy, I think all those things and I’m not a pastor.”

Exactly. Your pastor is human just like you. I think we forget that sometimes, but it’s true. Pastors are people too.

Yeah, He might only work one day a week 🙂 and he might have been called to lead many, but don’t forget that in many ways, he’s just like you.

He wants to be loved just like you. He has doubts just like you. He has insecurities just like you.

He struggles with doubt just like you. He deserves grace and mercy just like you.

A ‘great job’ will do well for him like it does well for you. Criticism hurts him like it hurts you.

All that to say, next time you see your pastor, please love him as you love yourself.

Tell us about your pastor. (Brag on him and share stories.)

Also, what things do you appreciate most in a pastor?