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3 Ways to Avoid BLIND SPOT Collisions

2. What do I need to do to make sure you feel comfortable telling me what you see?

This second question is so necessary because often leaders won’t want to answer the first question truthfully. They’re too afraid.

It takes a lot of nerve for someone to give ‘honest’ feedback to a leader. When a leader is defensive, dismissive or even indifferent, the leader makes it so easy for the staff member to never speak up again.

By asking this second question, you show them you want feedback and you realize you might not always be easy to approach. And if you are easy to approach, you’ll find out soon enough. Either way, this question builds trust.

3. How can I help make it better?

Your job as a leader isn’t just to know something is wrong, it’s to leverage your influence or power to help make it right.

When your team member knows you really care about a good solution and are willing to do what you can to make it better, it goes a long way.

Questions like this can create an open, honest culture.

They will make you a better leader, and help your organization push past leadership lids.

What questions have helped you overcome blind spots? What are some tension points you continue to face?   

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