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3 Things That Make a Truly GREAT Pastor

That’s simple. It’s not fool proof, but it’s another way to evaluate a safe place.

3. Spirituality is Expressed in Their Love for God, His Word and Compassion for People.  

When they teach, are they giving examples that inspire greater love for God and people? Do the examples express a desire to please God?

Does the message that is preached give you greater compassion for people?

Do you feel greater compassion for the homeless, the sexually broken, the lost or people who are just different? Or do you feel yourself and other church members frustrated at them, more spiritual than them or angry at “those people?”

Do they have a love for God’s Word and endeavor to live by it, or try to change it to be more acceptable to our society? Are you inspired to give your best for Jesus Christ? 

I realize you could use these guidelines to determine a healthy church and pastor and still misread someone; at first glance it could seem that all is good in the place, but I hope these ideas help you choose a life-giving, healthy place to commit to as your church home.

What other signs do you think show that someone is a good and safe pastor?