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10 Secrets of a Powerful 25-Minute Sermon

5. Try a One-Point Message.

Here’s a sure way to preach an in-depth 25-minute sermon: most people will not remember three points and all the detail you may want to give. Try picking one big truth you want to teach and give the audience clear cut examples of how they can go home and do it on Monday morning.

6. Practice Your Sermon.

Take time to preach your sermon out loud. Not only will you be able to time it, but you will also uncover parts that are confusing, too long or just boring.

7. Plan With a Team.

Share your thoughts and outline with others. This will help you discover things that don’t make sense, lack impact/interest or are irrelevant to your main thought.

8. Don’t Get Emotionally Attached.

Sometimes we fall in love with an idea or illustration and have a hard time cutting it. Be willing to slice and dice in order to keep your audience engaged.

9. Control Your Creativity.

Don’t waste time with illustrations, props, videos and other creative elements that distract the audience rather than enhance your message. If using them, make sure they are memorable and drive the main point, not a sub-point of a sub-point.

10. Critique Your Message.

Take time between services to evaluate your message with a team and then watch it on Monday. Regular critique will help you pick up on things that add length to your sermons, and help you regularly preach a powerful 25-minute sermon.

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Troy Page is the Worship Arts Pastor at West Ridge Church in Dallas, Georgia and is also a ministry consultant with TonyMorganLive.com. For over 15 years Troy has served on the senior leadership teams of Fellowship Church (Dallas/Fort Worth) and West Ridge Church. He has played a variety of pastoral leadership roles including Single Adult Ministry, Spiritual Development, Missions, Creative Arts, Communications and Marketing. He has also served as a lead teacher communicating with audiences of 20,000+ people.