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Before You Build: 10 Crucial Questions for Your Church

Every building campaign raises important questions that have to be resolved by the senior leadership team of a church. It’s important that you take the time to wrestle these concerns and questions to the ground before you begin the public rollout of the campaign.

1. How much money are we willing to borrow?

Most leaders have strong opinions about this question and, interestingly, will make their case on the basis of faith regardless of their position. Some will say, “We should raise all the cash up front — let’s just trust God to provide.” Others will say, “We should build and borrow as much as we can — let’s just trust God to provide.” Regardless of your perspective, the church’s leadership needs to decide what you’re comfortable with and be able to articulate how and why you got there.

2. How much money are we trying to raise? Over what time period?

It’s crucial to determine how much money you feel comfortable raising and how long you feel comfortable raising money.

3. What will the campaign budget be?

It takes money to raise money. How much will you allocate to the campaign side of the project? Costs may include printing, postage, graphic design, other creative elements or paying a campaign team leader.

4. Will we accept pledges?

Once again, opinions vary on this question. How you choose to track and follow up with the pledges is also an important consideration.

5. Will we initiate special meetings with higher-capacity or more committed givers?

Campaigns where the lead pastor or other key church leaders meet with high-capacity givers do generate more money. Similarly, some campaign strategists recommend having small group or one-on-one meetings with those who have given the most to the general fund. Both of these practices make some church leaders uncomfortable. Your team needs to figure out your comfort level.