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7 Powerful Sermon Topics You Should Repeat Often

Sermon Topic #3) Salvation is all about the cross.

Salvation is not by works of righteousness, but humility, repentance and faith in Jesus Christ and what He did on Calvary. 

The threat to turn salvation into a matter of works will never go away. It’s grounded in man’s way of thinking, his human (and thus self-centered) reasoning. To my knowledge, most of the religions of the world teach variations of “do this and you’re saved” or “do not do this and you are saved.” Only one to my knowledge proclaims that everything necessary has already been done and our task is to repent and receive it (“Him”).

When people tell me they believe their good works will get them to Heaven, I ask, “Then, what was the point of the cross? If all God had to do was tell us ‘Y’all be good now, hear?’ then He sure went to a lot of trouble for nothing by sending Jesus into this world to die on a cross for our sins.” (They have no answer since they have never given these things the first thought. If you need further evidence of man’s sinful heart, there it is.)

Celebrate the grace of God, preacher, with your people. Keep them at the cross.

Here’s a free sermon on the topic “Salvation Is All About The Cross“.

Sermon Topic #4) We are not saved by good works, but saved “unto” God works (Ephesians 2:10).

Good works have a definite place in the plan of God for His people. But they are the results — the fruits, the evidence — of our salvation, not the means. One wishing to become a member of the military does not do so by wearing a uniform and saluting officers. But once he is officially inducted, he wears the uniform, obeys commands and salutes officers.

What good works does the Lord want to see in our lives? Scripture answers that again and again in places like Micah 6:8, Jeremiah 22:16 and, of course, Matthew 25:35-36. I enjoy telling Harold Bales’ story of the time his church in uptown Charlotte, N.C., was bringing in the homeless from the park across the street and feeding them breakfast before the morning worship service. A woman who had belonged to that church for generations and resented the presence of the unwashed in their services, approached Pastor Harold one Sunday and said, “Pastor, why do we have to have those people in our church?” He said, “Because I don’t want to see anyone go to hell.” She said, “Well, I don’t want them to go to hell either.” He said, “I’m not talking about them. I’m talking about you.”

Here’s a free sermon series on the topic “We Are Not Saved By Good Works“.

Sermon Topic #5) If you have faith, you will pray.

In fact, nothing tells the story about your faith like your prayer life. Nothing.

Consider that you are praying to a Lord you have never seen and cannot prove. You say things to Him you would say to no one else and believe that He hears. Furthermore — and this is the clincher — 90 percent of the requests you make, you’ll never know whether He answered them or not since He may choose to do so in subtle ways or another time. But there you go, praying to Him day after day, as though He were occupying the chair next to you and everything you do today is dependent on His presence and guidance.

It is.

Pastors keep prayer before their people by encouraging them to pray at the altar during the services, and by having a prayer room at the church, and by encouraging prayer for specific people, needs, events, and concerns.

Here’s a free sermon on the topic: Prayer Life


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