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Popular Youth Pastor Killed Trying to Help Stranded Driver

A popular youth pastor in Burleson, Texas was one of four people killed in a crash when he stopped on the side of the road to help someone. Coming home late from a high school graduation party for his oldest child, the youth pastor from Alsbury Baptist Church — Brian Jennings, 41 — was one of several people stopped to help a stranded driver on rural Burleson Road when a truck hit one of the parked cars, triggering a deadly chain reaction. Sheriff’s officials say there is some evidence that alcohol played a role in the crash, but it is unclear who was associated with what vehicle. A mother and daughter who also stopped to help were killed in the crash, as well.

Kendra Spier, financial secretary at Jennings’ church, said his death leaves a “huge hole” for the hurting youth in their church. “But that’s who he was, that doesn’t surprise me at all that he would pull over, somebody late at night, stop and say ‘hey, let me lend you a hand.’ That was who he was and he just got killed,” she grieved.

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