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Are You Guilty of Being a Pinterest Pastor?

Pinterest Pastor Type 1: The Uppers

Like the moms who plan a birthday party with pictures for Pinterest in mind, these kind of pastors do things to get the attention of other pastors. They aren’t necessarily doing what’s best for their church or ministering out of their unique calling, gifting or personality; they are doing stuff to get noticed.

It’s a publicity stunt, provocative outreach campaign or the press release precisely timed with a community service project. It’s a big event, because big events yield good pictures. And those pictures are great in denominational newsletters and church leadership blogs.

Pastors aren’t exempt from pride and insecurity.

Attention is an addiction, and those who stand on stages or in pulpits are not immune. It’s easy to get drawn in by likes, favorites and social media shares, and before you know it, you’re looking at your congregation as a platform to propel you into prominence rather than a flock to be lovingly shepherded.

I know this tactic well, because I used to live it. I wanted to be noticed and I pursued recognition. I wanted people to read my blog and come to my church. And I pushed and pushed to make it happen. Of course, there was a greater good and a bigger purpose, but the pull to do things to get attention was strong.

The need to be noticed is powerful, and it can drive you to do things to tease and please the crowd.