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7 Leadership Skills Every Pastor Needs

3. Fundraising

Inspiring people to give financially to the goals you have is your responsibility. Like it or not, this job rests on you.

Communicating in a way that builds trust in you and value in the cause is essential. If you are afraid to ask people to give, your ministry will be limited. No one likes to be pressured or manipulated—but an honest ‘ask’ is imperative.

4. Public Speaking

This is a skill that can be developed. Some have a “gift” in the area of teaching or speaking—develop it. One message can change a life.

Speakers think they are better than they are. We need honest feedback from those we respect and trust. (Think about American Idol—some people think they are amazing singers who need no help—don’t trust those who ‘adore you.’ They can’t help you in this area.)

What are you doing to improve this ability? This could be 50-60 percent of the impact of your leadership. Tell stories. Tell another story. Don’t talk too long. Keep people wanting more. What do you want them to know? What do you want them to feel? What do you want them to do? When you finish speaking, can everyone answer those questions? 

5. Creating Strategy.

I believe God blesses a plan. Even the effort to create a plan is helpful.

A strategy that people can follow gives feet to your dream. Wisdom is developing the right plan.

Ask for advice, read, study and get help. Your dream is impacted significantly by your strategy. You do what only you can do—so that God can do what only God can do. Have you honestly evaluated your strategy?  

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Philip Wagner is Lead Pastor of Oasis Church in Los Angeles and founder of Generositywater.org. Oasis is an innovative and racially diverse church, largely comprised of people in their 20’s & 30’s. Oasis is known for its local and global outreach to the impoverished; especially orphans and widows, and funding clean water projects. Philip and his wife, Holly, started Oasis in 1984, in Beverly Hills with10 people. Today they’ve grown to 3000+ members.