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How to Build a Church With Staying Power

It is my desire to help people everywhere become better leaders and church builders. Our purpose as Christ-followers is to glorify God by leading people into a healthy relationship with Jesus, and to help them build that relationship continually.

The principles shared here are inspired by biblical truth, and can therefore be applied to corporate life and leadership, leadership in the home and definitely leadership in the church. Anyone can apply these. I hope that the resources on this blog will help you build a rock solid life and a life-changing church!

5. Proven basics come before unproven success ideas.

Many aggressive leaders desire to be innovative and on the cutting edge. Consequently, willingness to take risks and explore new truths and new methods may become a trap to the leader. Unproven success ideas should be considered, but should not become the foundation on which you build. It is better to build slowly with the proven principles of God’s Word and proven church patterns than to risk it all in the name of innovation.

6. The principle of the cross.

The cross is the filter through which all truths, from Genesis to Revelation, must pass. If you cannot get your truth through the cross, then you must let it go. To leave the cross out would be like taking the sun out of the sky or the heart out of the body. The cross keeps us grounded and mindful of the reason why we are in ministry, and reminds us that we have given control of our lives to Jesus and what He wants to do in us on the earth.

7. The team principle.

Do you realize that God works in a team? The Father works with the Son, the Son with the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit with the Word of God. The team principle is seen throughout the Scriptures, from Moses in the desert to Jesus’ team of 12 disciples and the teams leading the early church in Acts and the New Testament. Any time we violate the team principle, we violate a principle in the Word of God. To work as a team is to work with the blessing and wisdom of God.

8. The biblical vision mandate.

The vision of the leadership team must comprehend the scope of God’s plan and purpose. A clear biblical vision should have at least four main elements:

1.  The kingdom of God is the mission.

2. The cross and resurrection of Christ are the source of kingdom vision.

3. The church is the vehicle through which the kingdom is established.

4. The second coming is the motive that keeps the vision sure.

Lasting churches are built on things that last.Churches that are built on fads or trends will not last because they have to rely on the next big thing and the next big thing is uncertain. When will it show up? How long will it be popular? Who will it attract? We need to build on solid principles that are proven and lasting.

The best foundation is Christ and His Word, the Bible. Here are some principles from His Word that build lasting churches.

1. The dynamic hub

Approach every consideration in this way: Work from the whole to the part, and from the part back to the whole. Remember that the body corporate exists to express the life of God in community, as well as to release and benefit individual believers. Each believer exists to express the life of God, as well as to benefit the corporate good.

Dynamic Hub image

2. The objective rules the subjective

Subjectivity without biblical truth is dangerous because its roots are in us – our experiences, moods, gifting or spiritual biases. Subjectivity can be confused with prophetic feelings or the voice of the inner person, when in reality it is simply a strong opinion, view or desire. We must allow the Word of God to have the final say in all things. Subjective thoughts and ideas cannot be allowed to prevail.

3. The clear interprets the obscure

The Bible has a very simple, forthright redemptive message. When a teacher or preacher uses confusing types, shadows or metaphors to establish an obscure plan of God, that teacher is violating Christ’s model. When Christ established His mission, vision and strategy, He preached a clear message from clear biblical passages.

4. The major emphasis rules the minor

The major emphases of Scripture are easily found throughout the Bible. When leaders begin to slip away from the major truths to focus on minor truths, they run the risk of imbalance and possible spiritual shipwreck. Sound doctrine should be the foundation for pastoral preaching and local church theology.

Next week we’ll look at four more principles that build life-changing churches.     

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