Hell's Chokepoint

It’s book of Acts kind of messy.

It triggers messy persecution (mostly the milder forms of mockery, marginalization and ostracization.)

It forces us out of our La-z-boys and into messy relationships.

It causes us to engage with the neighbors who live next door, the baristas who make our lattes, and the mechanics who fix our cars.

And when that barista, neighbor, co-worker, family member, mechanic or friend puts their faith in Jesus, the real work is just getting started. We’ve made it through “The Hot Gates” and now we must help them grow deep and go wide. We begin the process of spiritual multiplication in the power of the Holy Spirit so that they too can make disciples in their spheres of influence.

On a side note, the pass at Thermopylae was nicknamed “The Hot Gates” because of the smell of sulfur and the hot springs that were in the area. Because the smell and heat were so intense, this pass was rumored to be the entrance to hell.

What a great illustration when it comes to discipleship multiplication! We are going to the very gates of hell so that we can rescue the lost and make disciples who make disciples.

If you want to multiply disciples, you need to learn how to share the gospel effectively first.

A chokepoint made the difference for the people of Greece. Without it, the 300 Spartans could have never taken such a courageous stand that would inspire their fellow Greeks to turn back the Persians.

A chokepoint makes all the difference for the church. Without inspiring and equipping our people to share the gospel, we will never truly make disciples who make disciples and defeat the kingdom of darkness where it stands.

Who’s with me? Let me hear your war cry!  

For resources on evangelism check out Dare 2 Share, and the Dare 2 Share app. It’s a free tool to train you in the basics on how to share the gospel (how to bring it up naturally, explain it clearly, engage with different religions, etc.).