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Why the Critics Are Wrong: We're Not Radical Enough

We have been sent into the world with a message—that all people can find forgiveness and healing at the cross, and that Jesus offers each one of us a different way to live. This is a revolutionary message that transforms all dimensions of human endeavor—the arts, the sciences, business, politics, communities and families.

Yes, the Good Samaritan was doing something ordinary when he stopped to help a wounded traveler on his journey to Jericho. But he radically upset the social norms that said Samaritans don’t associate with Jews.

The Good Samaritan was no ordinary nice guy. He was a radical. And we must be too.  

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Richard Stearns is President of World Vision. Since joining World Vision U.S. in 1998, Stearns also has participated in the larger World Vision Partnership, leading efforts to refine the organization's business practices and advocating for global impact standards to evaluate program effectiveness.