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Taking Christianity to a Radical New Level

Platt: What do you say to people who say, “I can’t make disciples because I’ve never had someone do disciplemaking in my own life,” or “I’ve never seen disciple making in action?” What do you say to folks who say that?

Chan: I think we’re spoiled in this country. We have this expectation that we should have this perfect role model in front of us in order for us to do it versus in other countries, as you’ve seen, they don’t have that.

In a lot of places, it started with a person who didn’t have a whole lot other than the Word of God. They didn’t have someone who had been living and modeling that life for five, 10, 20 years. They became a believer, and they were dropped into this city, and maybe they weren’t discipled well, but they go to the Scriptures, and they trust that the Lord’s going to provide.

Even if you haven’t been discipled well, I really believe you’re supposed to go for it.

Try it through the Spirit of God and through His Word. Be discipled by reading what Jesus did back then. I think there’s going to need to be more and more of that: people who are serious students of the Word looking at how Jesus led and taking on His characteristics.

I hate to say this, but in some ways, I think people are better off without maybe following some of the earthly models out there and going back to Scripture and seeing how Jesus lived and becoming more of a picture of that to someone else in the 21st century context.

Those who really study the Word are going to realize, at least here, there aren’t that many models of people to look at, to follow and to imitate.

It’s almost like a new generation is going to have to rise up and dig deeply in the Scriptures and be those models of 21st century Christians, followers of Christ, having that aroma of Christ.

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Francis Chan is a California-based pastor and author of many bestselling books including his newest, Letters to the Church (David C Cook, September 2018).