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12 Culture Trends You Can’t Afford to Ignore

7. Declining trust in institutions.

You have to show people how an organization can help them, because by default, they don’t think it/you can or will. How are you demonstrating trustworthiness?

8. Personalized, eclectic spirituality. 

People want to find their own unique path, and most start out that way. They will embrace the path of Christ, but they don’t start out there. How do you embrace where they start, but encourage them not to finish there?

9. A desire for greater purpose.

Millennials will not stay long at work or causes that have little greater meaning or purpose. Is your mission and vision clear, compelling and inexhaustible?

10. Personal mission.

People aren’t waiting for someone to change the world, they’ll just do it. From charity runs to starting nonprofits from home, the next generation not only believes they can have a global impact, many are having it. If your church doesn’t have a burning sense of purpose and vision, you look lame compared to the average 22-year-old. How is your vision motivating people who have vision?

11. Trust in user reviews.

What you say about your organization matters less than what others say. People place far more trust in user reviews than advertising copy. What are others saying about your organization and how would people find that out?

12. The death of cash and checks.

When was the last time you wrote a check or paid $500 cash for something? No one does that anymore. But every Sunday, most church leaders expect most of their offering to come in via cash or check. Is most of your giving happening online? Why not?

Obviously, there are many more trends that are impacting the church or will be shortly. What do you see?

What are you doing about any of these mentioned above? 

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