Christian Charity Breaks World Record for Making Sandwiches

As reported by The Christian Post, a Georgia charity with ties to the United Methodist Church made close to 3,000 sandwiches in one hour at a gathering for a regional nutritional program for kids. Action Ministries made 2,988 sandwiches for the event, surpassing the previous record of 2,706 sandwiches set by a New York Deli last May. The gathering took place at the Marvin United Methodist Church in Martinez.

Leaders with the UMC’s North Georgia Conference expressed their excitement about the enthusiastic participation of the group, saying the record-breaking activities “brought focus to an important need that is often overlooked.” Action Ministries, though their “Smart Lunch, Smart Kid” program, provides low-cost or free lunches to needy kids throughout the summer months.

A spokesperson for the Guinness World Records told CP that the record would have to be verified before an official statement can be made that the record was broken. It typically takes about eight weeks for this process to be completed.

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