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YouVersion Bible App Hits 100 Million Downloads

The Christian Post spoke to the creator of the hugely popular Bible app, YouVersion, who hopes that the app’s popularity would exceed that of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Bobby Gruenewald, pastor at LifeChurch.tv in Oklahoma told the CP that he was “excited to see the Bible rising in the ranks, because it means God’s Word is becoming more widely known.”

The Bible app passed the 100 million downloads milestone on Sunday night. YouVersion, one of the first 200 apps available on iTunes, has been ranked in the top 100 free apps by Apple for the last three years.

Gruenewald told CP that the combined work of publishers, Bible societies, and hundreds of committed volunteers are responsible for the success of the app. “The most exciting part about hitting 100 million installs is that it’s just the beginning,” he said. “Time and time again we’ve seen God use milestones like this to fuel exponential growth. In fact, we hit 50 million installs just 14 months ago in May 2012. We know there’s so much more God wants to do to get people engaged in his Word, and we truly believe it starts with 100 million.”

YouVersion’s survey of its users, the largest digital Bible-reading community, showed that 77 percent of them read the Bible more frequently because it’s available on their mobile device, and more than 67 percent switch between Bible versions.

“Building on this research, we’re currently launching a new social feature of the Bible App that will advance the Bible-reading experience in the context of trusted relationships and community,” announced Gruenewald.