Zondervan, Christian Fellowship to Partner for Outreach at Comic-Con

Christian publishing giant Zondervan, a division of HarperCollins Christian Publishing, and The Christian Comic Arts Society will partner together this week at Comic-Con International in San Diego to impact attenders for Christ. According to The Christian Post, the two organizations will host a mixer and a panel in addition to their exposition booth, which will feature Christian comics and signed copies of the popular graphic novel, The Book of Revelation.CCAS leader Scott Shuford says the two partnering organizations see the event as an opportunity for outreach.

“We know that most of the people that attend Comic-Con are not churchgoers,” he explained. “There’s a big chunk of that population that has had a negative experience with the church. There’s another part of the [Comic-Con] population that has had no experience with the church, and there’s a smaller part of that population that attends church, but didn’t know there were any Christian-related things in the comic world.”

“One of the interesting things is that we are in contrast to the Westboro Baptists who are standing outside Comic-Con almost every year with their ‘God hates f…’ and ‘You’re going to hell’ type signs and just baiting people in a hateful way and not in a loving way,” Shuford said. “Inside we are actually participating with people much more the way Jesus did with the woman at the well.”

The partners will also be distributing samples and posters of their new graphic novel series, Last Adam: Firstborn, illustrating the story of Jesus’ birth and early life.

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