NewSpring Church in S.C. Presents "Redneck" Sermon Series

NewSpring Church in South Carolina began a sermon series last week featuring the qualities of “rednecks” and how those qualities can be harnessed to share the gospel with boldness and faith. The megachurch defines “rednecks” as “hard-working people who are willing to do whatever it takes” and says in its promotional materials that “there’s a little redneck in all of us!” 

“Throughout the Bible there are stories of men (and some women) that are willing to do whatever it takes to get something done. This is very much the mentality of a Redneck,” an emailed statement from NewSpring Church says. “We’re going through stories together as a church and talking about how we too can and should do whatever it takes to share the Gospel.”

According to The Christian Post, during the first service of the series, the worship team opened with “Sweet Home Alabama,” and teaching pastor Clayton King shared some “redneck” items he owns: several action figures of professional wrestlers. The church said they have not yet received any negative feedback about the series or using the name “redneck,” and they announced that over 400 people became Christians during that first service.

“Some of us need to be a little more redneck in the way that we experience Jesus,” Clayton King said during his message. “What do I mean by that? Quit trying to be so reserved. Quit trying to be so classy. Quit trying to be so pretty. Quit trying to be so perfect. And just let yourself go.”

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