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Confession: I Am George Zimmerman

2. I often pursue things I shouldn’t … even when I’m told not to.

Not only did George Zimmerman profile (judge) Trayvon, he also pursued him. He followed Trayvon Martin in the dark—even after the 911 dispatcher encouraged him not to do so.

As I look back over my life, I cannot count the numerous times I ran into the darkness chasing after something or someone I was told not to. Much like George Zimmerman, I ignored the blazing warning signs, flew past the “Do Not Pass Go” sign, and ran after what I thought I wanted.

In the Bible, David is a great example of a man whose life expresses the importance of pursuing with permission.

When his camp had been attacked by raiders and all his possessions and family, along with those of his men, were taken into captivity, David did not rush after the persons responsible. He didn’t find the first person who “looked suspicious” and follow them down a dark street in the rain.

David prayed, and he asked God, “Shall I pursue?” (I Samuel 30:8).

It wasn’t until he received clear instructions from God that David pursued and eventually recovered all.

Had David not taken the time to pause and pray before pursuing, who knows, instead of recovering his family and property, he may have ended up killing an unarmed boy that night!

This leads to the third way that I am like George Zimmerman …

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