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Facebook Blocks Kirk Cameron's "Unstoppable" Movie Site By Mistake

Last week, television and film personality Kirk Cameron attempted to post to Facebook a link to his website for his new film project titled Unstoppable. Later in the week, Cameron angrily reported to his over 650,000 Facebook fans that Facebook had blocked the link as spam and called it “abusive” and “unsafe.”

“This is my most personal film about faith, hope, and love, and about why God allows bad things to happen to good people. What is ‘abusive’ or ‘unsafe’ about that?!” Cameron wrote. “Please help us encourage Facebook to unblock our website soon by sharing this post with your friends so more people can see this transparent, faith-building project.”

The website link has now been unblocked, and officials at Facebook clarified that links to Cameron’s movie site were originally blocked due to an anti-spam mistake. In a statement provided to The Christian Post, Facebook explained that its automated system had “misidentified” the site as a “potential spam or malware site,” calling it a “rare case.

Cameron told his Facebook fans that their “firm, loving and clear voice” was partially responsible for the block removal. “My phone is ringing off the hook to talk with me about how powerful the faith community is to accomplish good things when we put our hearts and minds together.”

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