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How to Become a Leader Others Love to Follow

Everyone loves a great boss.

And everyone loves to be led by a positive, kind, skilled leader.

But it seems few people think they are led by a leader like that.

The tone the leader sets is a major factor behind the reality that over 70 percent of people don’t like their jobs.

If you’re a leader, that’s got to hurt.

So … change that. Go be that positive, kind, skilled leader.

End of post. 

It would be great if it was that simple, wouldn’t it?

Being honest, one of the challenges associated with being the leader of an organization (in my case, a church I love) is that my mood tends to impact the mood of the organization.

That would be fantastic if my mood was always positive. But being human, that doesn’t happen every day.

Sometimes the pressure and weight of leadership preoccupies me. Add to that any personal space I might be in, and my mood can require work.

Kindness is an almost instant casualty of stress, at home and at work.

So how do you stay positive? How do you show kindness when your mood might move you in the opposite reaction?

Here are 15 actions and skills that depend less on emotion than they do on discipline. The good news is that you can do them, even if you don’t feel like doing them: