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35 Low-Risk Changes Your Church Can Make

One of the reasons churches get stuck is that they’re unwilling to change. They don’t want to rock the boat.

Leaders are afraid.

People may leave.

People may stop giving.

Over time, the culture becomes reticent to change. The status quo becomes the driving value.

When churches stop changing, people get comfortable. It’s impossible for Christ-followers to get comfortable and be sold out to Jesus at the same time.

Comfort is not the goal.

This is probably obvious, but let me offer this advice: If you want to be in a church that embraces change, you have to begin to make some changes.

It begins with establishing a clear vision, values and strategy. Once everyone is on board with the vision, you have to begin embracing new methods. You can’t avoid changes and expect different results.

With that, my team and a few friends brainstormed a list of relatively low-risk changes that churches might consider making. Start with one or two of these changes to help you get a step closer to seeing the vision fulfilled.

35 Low-Risk Changes That Churches Can Make.

1. Change service times.

2. Empower a volunteer leader.

3. Offer resources to help people engage Scripture outside of the Sunday service.

4. Prioritize cross-cultural “missions” opportunities in the same region where your church is located.

5. Challenge staff to invest 20 percent of their time in leadership development.