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How I Found Out There Was Another Woman—And Moved Forward

1. Intentionality with God and His Word.

Although books on divorce, adultery and marriage are good supplements, they should never replace the nourishment we receive from God’s own word.

2. Authentic relationships with God’s people.

There were well-meaning people who offered unsolicited advice that wounded me in places where I was already hurting.

But there were also people who stood with me in the pain and loved me through it.

One woman called simply to say, over the sound of my tears, “Shelley, I felt the nudge of the Spirit to tell you that there will be a better day. It won’t always feel like this.” And she was so right. There have been MANY, many better days since.

3. While it is true that our greatest wounds come through relationships, it is also true that our greatest healing also comes through relationships.

Knowing that I wasn’t alone helped me to move on with my life, into the unknown of it all, while entrusting my life and the lives of my girls to a faithful Creator.

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