Detroit Pastor Gunned Down After Asking Neighbors to Quiet Down

A 46-year-old pastor living in a Detroit neighborhood was shot and killed this week after confronting his partying neighbors. Tim Kirby left his apartment at approximately 11:30 pm Monday night in response to loud music and people screaming in the street. When Kirby tried to confront the partygoers, a man attending the party shot Kirby three times.

According to local media, Kirby was a father of four and was known for his work in the community and his “fiery” sermons. He was looking forward to beginning ministry in a new church building.

“When I received the news it was like wow, unbelievable that a preacher, a pastor, someone would do that type of thing to him,” Kirby’s longtime friend Pastor Berry Loston Jr. of Prophetic Corner Deliverance Ministries International said in an interview with The Christian Post on Monday.

“I’m trying to really grab hold of what has transpired because it’s just like mind-blowing, seriously. And it’s like really what can you say? It’s a lot of emotions in the air,” he added.

Right now, explained Loston, “the family is heartbroken and looking for answers.”

Family members said an autopsy will be performed, and the funeral will be held in Nashville.

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