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Do You Want Creatives in Your Church?

The following are his thoughts:

  • The Mona Lisa has a reputation because people think she’s smiling.
  • da Vinci was a sculptor, a painter, an architect, but primarily a scientist.
  • He had heart and depth. He saw things a different way, thinking beyond the surface, pulling life out of the being.
  • Musicians are a challenge. The words of the songs have heart, but how much do words get into them?

I then pressed in and asked John, “If Leonardo da Vinci joined a church today, what would we do with him?” John’s answers were fascinating.

Churches are limited. You can use musicians.

You would use da Vinci to reach other creatives like you use a former drug addict to reach drug addicts.

He would redo the sanctuary. Remember, he’s a scientist. The sanctuary would be much more aesthetic.

The room would be much more visual. You would get a deeper spiritual feeling. Paintings would be all over the walls, as would preliminary designs and even some wild concepts.

I said, “John, shouldn’t the church be the most unlimited place in the world?”

He responded, “Don’t forget the work of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit keeps things in line and from becoming too wild.”

He then concluded by saying, “The Holy Spirit will always use creatives. Remember, they’re creative. They will always find a way to use their gifts.”

A few critical questions for pastors and church leaders:

Are you identifying artists and creatives at an early age and giving them a platform?

Are you affirming artists and creative leaders by telling them how special they are?

And one more probing question: If Leonardo da Vinci joined your church, what would you do with him?

Let me know your thoughts. We need to learn from each other how to reach, disciple and allow artists to use their gifts.  

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