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Don’t Hesitate to Communicate Vision Immediately

I don’t waste any time before communicating our church’s vision to people who walk through the doors.

I don’t wait until a person wants to volunteer, or become a member, or until he or she is hired on staff. I work hard to communicate our main objectives clearly and immediately, so every person who visits our church understands exactly who we are and what we’re about.

When someone comes to our church for the first time, I invite them to a newcomers lunch where I share our vision with them first thing. “We are helping people become fully devoted followers of Christ … ” I tell them. No secrets. No hidden agendas.

There are three reasons I do this.

First, it helps people who don’t have a vision get a vision.

For some people, the vision and mission of our church might fall a little flat. It doesn’t resonate with them deeply, but they’re not opposed to it either.

And for those people, I want to help them discover what their own vision and mission is for a church home. People who don’t have a mission or vision for church (or for their lives) will live confused and sad, never knowing which decisions are the right ones to make.

So before they can fully commit to our vision, they need to know their own vision. This information helps me to pastor them well.

Second, if the vision resonates with people’s hearts, great. They’ve found their home.

After I share the vision, certain people know that they know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that our church is their home. There is no confusion, no hidden agenda, no missed expectations or unnecessary disappointment.

They know exactly what we’re working to offer, and it is what they’ve come to receive. They see exactly how they can fit into the larger picture, what skills they have to offer, and how they can serve.

Everyone who is there wants to be there, and is a contributor.