Dino Rizzo Back in the Pulpit After 14-Months

According to The Christian Post, former megachurch pastor Dino Rizzo will take to the pulpit once again after a 14-month hiatus following a forced resignation from Healing Place Church in Baton Rouge, La. The resignation was required by the church’s overseers after Rizzo admitted to an “inappropriate friendship with another woman” who was not his wife. But now Rizzo will take a new position as associate pastor at Church of the Highlands under senior pastor Chris Hodges.

During the presentation of Rizzo to the congregation last week, Hodges called him an “amazing inspiration” and the reason for the planting of Church of the Highlands. He also explained that Rizzo had completed a 31-point restoration plan created by Hodges and the other HPC overseers, which included counseling for Rizzo and his wife. Rizzo said he was “humbled, grateful and nervous” to be in the pulpit again.

“You know when you walk through a tough time in your life you wonder will anyone walk in when things fall apart in your life while others are walking out and I can say this, that these men walked in and so did my family. And I just want to thank God for men who will stand by you and you have a pastor that will go to the mat,” said Rizzo. He then gave a sermon on the topic, “How to Come Back to the Father.” Rizzo was met with cheers and clapping from the congregation.

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