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The Ridiculously Simple Secret to Awesome Social Media Strategy

Are you scratching your head wondering how to get social media to work for your organization?

If you’re stuck, you might be overthinking it (and that’s coming from the guy who helped invent social media). In a recent article on Entrepreneur.com, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey stated:

When you start saying words like ‘social media,’ or phrases like ‘social media,’ it becomes this big, abstract thing that of course it is hard to understand … I wouldn’t focus on the right way to ‘do’ social media. Just talk about what you love.

Want to know how to rock social media for your passion, purpose or vision? Just talk about what you love.

Can it Really be That Easy?

Question: Isn’t that simple?

Answer: Yes. Yes it is. Social media isn’t about tricking people to click. It’s not about being cutesy or crafty or clever. It’s about communicating as yourself, not about yourself, to a tribe of like-minded individuals.

A lot of businesses, brands and organizations want to make social media into this silver bullet. The Holy Grail that’ll solve all their problems.

You probably already know this, but social media can’t do any of those things. In fact, social media will only reveal the bad business practices you have and compound them. Make them worse.

Why? Because social media is about communicating effectively, and “effectively” in the opt-in economy means providing insane amounts of value, connection and TLC to your audience.

The brilliant Mitch Joel states:

Using social media to communicate a message is the obvious stuff. To this day, we have all-too-many brands who don’t even know how to nail down that very elementary component.

What brands are missing, when it comes to social media, is the true connection. The trust that is built out of real interactions between real human beings.

And, quite frankly, they’re missing this point because social media marketing is simply seen as any other form of corporate marketing and communications.

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Justin Wise is the Strategic Communications Director at Monk Development (http://monkdevelopment.com), a web strategy and solutions company. Justin also serves as the co-director for the Center for Church Communication (http://cfcclabs.org).