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11 Ways to Liven Up Your Staff Meeting

9. Get Rid of the Table.

The physical space you meet in matters. Get rid of that big table that blocks everyone. Paint the walls a bright color.

Making a physical change can switch people’s attitudes about your meetings. What if you themed the room something fun? Hawaiian Luau theme? Christmas in July?

10. Google Hangout.

Take your meeting online. Google has done a great job making this tool a lot of fun to use.

There are digital “costumes” you can put on yourself to spice up the conversation. It’s a fun break from the same old method of meeting!

11. Stick It Up! 

In preparation for the meeting, put three to four pieces of poster board around the room with short sentences describing issues your church is facing.

As people arrive for the meeting, give them a pile of post-it notes and a marker and ask them to jot down solutions for each issue and stick it up on the boards around the room. Take some time to discuss the ideas generated.

I’m sure you have way more fun ideas than me! We’d love to hear ‘em. Leave a comment!  

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