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One Generation From Extinction: How to Reach Millennials

1. Millennials prefer to connect via technology.

They use websites and search engines primarily for information-gathering, finding volunteer opportunities and donating online.

They rely on social media and email for communicating and connecting with their networks, while mobile technology gives them instant access to all these channels.

Lesson for the church: Set up and implement the tools of technology to connect with this group.

2. Millennials share in micro ways.

Their interactions with nonprofit organizations are likely to be immediate and impulsive.

When inspired, they will act quickly in a number of ways, from small donations to short volunteer stints, provided that the opportunities are present and the barriers to entry are low.

Lesson for the church: Make it easy for Millennials to engage in the positive things your church is doing.

3. Millennials facilitate (and rely on) peer influence.

Peer influence plays an important role in motivating Millennials to volunteer, attend events, participate in programs and give.

Even if Millennials can’t give as much as other demographic groups, they nonetheless are willing to help raise funds for causes they care about, usually by calling on friends and family.

Lesson for the church: Help your attending Millennials connect their friends and family to what your church is doing.

4. Millennials volunteer along a contiuum of support.

Millennials are most likely to get hands-on with causes they care about when organizations offer a range of volunteer opportunities, from one-time commitments to long-term, pro-bono skills-based opportunities.

Ultimately, they want to lend their knowledge, expertise, and time to help nonprofits.