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Preachers: 7 Gut-Check Questions to Ask Yourself Before Tomorrow

7. Praise God after you’re done. 

I know the neurotic moment after a sermon when you regret all the things you’ve missed and all the awkward stuff that came out of your mouth.

I know how it hurts to see people not listening to the fantastic truth of the Bible.

I know the feeling of inadequacy and limitation and weakness, thinking, “I’ll never be as good as these megachurch preachers”—which is exactly what megachurch preachers think too. 

My friend: You won’t get this preaching thing right every time. You will make mistakes. You will have missed opportunities. You will never preach a perfect sermon (only one did). 

But praise God for the mighty privilege to share God’s Word with your people. Praise God that a group of fellow human beings would even give you the time of day. 

And prepare better for next time. 

Pray up. 

Read more.

Listen to good sermons. 

Sharpen your craft. 

Love your people. 

It’s OK to evaluate yourself, but don’t stay down. Even if you don’t see the fruit of your preaching, it’s not about that. It’s none of our business to know how God is working in people anyway.

Preaching is for His glory, regardless of outcome, and God is working in you yet.  

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