Majority of Evangelical Pastors Oppose Strike on Syria

Results of a new National Association of Evangelicals poll show over 60 percent of evangelical pastors reject the idea of military intervention in the Syrian civil war. NAE president Leith Anderson announced that when asked the question “Should Congress authorize direct U.S. military intervention in Syria?”, only 37.5 percent of its member pastors answered affirmatively while 62.5 percent were against it. Although not all evangelical denominations are included in the NAE, Anderson pointed out some difficult issues in the question and outlined several reasons why pastors would be so divided.

Anderson pointed out that certainly there has been international agreement against the use of chemical weapons; however, a strike against Syria could lead to a larger conflict in the troubled region.

“The Bible teaches us to pray for our leaders,” he wrote. “This is a week for extra prayers as our Congress and President decide what to do about Syria. And, let’s add Syrian leaders to our prayer list. Our request is that God will give wisdom to make choices for a lasting peace in the region.”

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