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Beware of These 5 Fake Leadership Costumes

4. Cranky-ness.

This one is a personal favorite. Some people actually believe that simply by taking on a frustrated disposition, it indicates that they must be carrying huge leadership responsibilities.

Actually, it just means they’re not much fun to be around.

5. Talky-ness.

While it’s true that effective leaders are good communicators, some people get this one all wrong. They believe that they can be a leader simply by being able to talk … and talk … and talk … and talk … and talk … .

But anyone can talk. Leaders, on the other hand, communicate. Huge difference.

Bill Hybels has provided what I believe is one of the best definitions of leadership ever given. “Leadership,” he explains, “is being able to move people from here to there.”

In other words, the measurement of leadership is, “Are you taking people with you to a goal?”

If not, you might just be wearing the costume.

What other forms of leadership costumes have you seen?  

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