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What Should We Expect From All Church Members?

2. I will mature.

We expect people to grow spiritually through small groups. We desire for people to have a sense of belonging to our church.

3. I will serve.

God created us to serve. He gifted us to serve. And He commands us to serve. Every member should function in the body, and this functioning happens through service.

4. I will give.

Mature believers have a generous spirit. We expect all members to give their tithe, time and resources for the mission of taking the gospel to the ends of the earth.

5. I will seek unity.

We have a wonderfully unified body of believers at my church. I tell new people I don’t want them to mess it up.

6. I will pray.

All members should pray corporately and privately. Above all, they should pray for gospel fruit.

7. I will sacrifice.

Membership means serving first. Sacrifice means putting gospel work above your preferences.

You do not join a church to see what you can get out of it. You join a church to sacrifice for the mission of God. And all churches should be clear about how they accomplish this mission.

Set the expectations up front, and you will likely see fewer people with a consumer mentality.  

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Sam Rainer is the lead pastor of West Bradenton Baptist Church and co-hosts the Est.Church podcast. He is the president of Church Answers, the co-founder and co-owner of Rainer Publishing, and the president of Revitalize Network. Sam has a wonderful wife, four fun children, one crazy old dog, and a cat his daughters insisted on keeping. You can read more from Sam at his blog.