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Puffed Up, Toxic and Defensive: This Might Work for Fish But Will Kill Your Ministry Effectiveness

4.  Talk about other people.

This post originally had three suggestions, but I sent it to my friend and co-worker, Jake Dudly (a fantastic young leader you should follow), and his feedback convinced me to add another point. Jake said, “More pastors need to talk about other people.”

I know that was certainly true of me when I was serving as a senior pastor. And it’s still true today.

Pointing people to my content is fine, but using my platform to share other people’s stuff is just as helpful.

What if I intentionally worked harder to get the spotlight off me and shine it on others? What if instead of tweeting my own successes, I shared things like …

“Could you check out my friend’s blog? He wrote exactly what I’ve been thinking.” 

“Hey church—thank you for leading, serving and giving. You are an example to me.”

“I want to pray for you. What do you need?”

Have you ever been guilty of being a puffer-fish pastor?  

What are some ways we could overcome this together?  

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