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If You Checked “Yes,” Then Your Church is Struggling

Form over function.

Organizations that have lost their grip on making a difference become more concerned with the “how” of ministry than “why.” Policies, procedures and past practice drive the activity of the church rather than the mission you are called to. This is a delicate balance because systems help churches grow … but if they become the obsession of leaders, they will destroy your organization.

Are you more concerned with the wineskin than the wine?

Lack faith-based risks.

Churches that make an impact are taking risks … actual risks. They put stuff on the line to accomplish what they believe God is calling them to. They step out in trust, asking God to give them clarity for the next steps.

When was the last time your pulse quickened because of something you risked as a church?

You don’t eat your own dog food.

If the staff of the church wouldn’t attend if they weren’t getting paid … it’s a sure sign something is seriously wrong.

Why are you taking money from a church that you don’t love? What does that say about you?

Narrow donor base.

On a practical note … if there is a very small donor pool funding the mission of the church, it’s a sign of the church’s inability to engage a broader community.

Why hasn’t your church been able to connect with more than a handful of donors?